Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are You Kidding Me!!

Did anyone else hear about the woman who had 8 babies in 5 minutes? She gave birth to them on Monday. I guess the 8th one was a suprise. How insane would your life be? You could pretty much just resign yourself to the fact that you will never sleep for another 18 years! Not to mention the cost! Yikes!!


The Farmer's Wife said...

Holy crap....can you say stretch marks?

The 8th one was a surprise? Okay, that's funny.

momof5 said...

Just heard today that she already has 6--that makes 14!!!
We sure miss you guys. Email us and we will invite you to visit our blog.

The Baers

Swishy said...

She really is crazy. There are all these stories coming out about her now.

I AM GLAD YOU'RE ALIVE! I will call you this week.

Tim and Ashley said...

Yes! She was trying for one more because she wanted one more girl. The interesting thing is that no doctor ever puts that many eggs in at one time, the norm is 1 or 2 at the most so the doctor that did this, i have to question why, you know what I mean?