Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Days

So, I got a used Prowler bike trailer at a garage sale on Saturday. I have been wanting one for a while but never got one because we didn't have any bikes and we didn't really have the extra money to spend on one. Some of them are almost $500! Well, on Friday this lady was selling a really nice Bell one for $75, but that was too much. You can buy a new one, although, not extremely nice for $100. So on Saturday after my early runs, I usually walk around the neighborhood before I go home and check out the different garage sales. It is around 8:30am so I am there early enough where all the good stuff isn't gone. I went to this house that was selling tons of baby stuff and she was selling her bike trailer for $35. It looked practically new. There were no scratches or problems. So I ran home and told Scott about it. I hurried back and got it because I thought for sure someone would snatch it up if I didn't. I am so excited about it.
On Tuesday, my friend Emily and I went on this great bike trail with our kids. I borrowed one of her bikes. We biked about 5 miles and then stopped and had our sack lunches. We were going to go another 2.5 miles to Nine Mile Falls, but the kids were getting a little restless. It was already almost 1pm. So we just biked back and we were home by 2pm to get the kids down for their naps . It was so much fun and I forgot what a workout biking is, especially going up the hills pulling both the kids behind me.

On Wednesday I went to the recycle center and on the way home we hit the thrift store in our town that is only open 3 days a week. I like going there because I can always find cheap shoes for the kids, and the kids each get a free book. After I was there for a while this lady came in who said she had a bike to donate. She said she had only used it twice, and I kind of believed her because she was really overweight. As soon as they brought it in I went and looked at it. It wasn't super awesome or anything, but it was a nice "Huffy like" 15 speed purple girls bike. It really did look like it was in great condition, except for a little rust spot on the handle bars. So I bought it for $22! I was so excited. I have already used the trailer 3 times and the bike twice!
So, I got everything, including 3 bike helmets for $60! Isn't that great??

Tonight while Scott was having a meeting at our house, I took the kids to the park that is about 5 miles away. It was a good bike ride and fun for the kids. It is such a fun summer activity and I figure Kirye will still be able to go in it 2 years from now. Now I also have a bike if I want to do the triathlon that is coming up.


Emily said...

that sounds like alot of fun!! it's too dang hot here right now to think of anything outside as being fun. i'm sure you will get a lot of use out of both the trailer and the bike.