Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Novo-can I get my face back

I went to the dentist yesterday to get a hole filled where some enamel had chipped off. My appointment was at 10 and I probably got my novocaine shot at 10:30. Well, I was numb for 5 hours! I didn't start feeling my face again until around 3:30! It stunk too because all I had time to eat before my appointment was a piece of toast. And you know when you are numb, if you try to eat it doesn't work that well.
Speaking of dentists, Ryley's teeth are looking a lot less grey. I am think the color might be slowly coming back in to them. Thank goodness. Ryley is just so cute. She is growing up so fast. I can't believe she is almost 3! She catches on to things so quickly and will say the funniest phrases. The other day she said, "Mom, Jesus likes when I give Kirye hugs and kisses." We are trying to help her be nice to her brother. Last week we took her to the track where I was doing some speed work. She decided she wanted to run like mommy, so she ran all the way around the track, IN HER FLIPFLOPS, without stopping. I was amazed! I hope I have a little runner on my hands.


Emily said...

that's awesome that her teeth are looking better!! i'm sorry about your mouth though, it's crazy that you were numb for that long!