Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bo Duke, Is that You?

I just saw a dude get out of his car like one of the guys on Dukes of Hazzard! He sped up to the curve and jumped out his window. He was staring at me after he got out like it was normal for someone to do that.

Other random nothingness....the other day Ryley was watching Go Diego, while I was in the other room. I kept hearing random quotes like "I really have to go" and "I can't hold it any longer." I was thinking to myself that they couldn't possibly be talking about what I thought they were. Wrong. It was the most random episode ever. Here is the summary:

After the wind blows away Abuelito's strawberries, Alicia and Diego enlist the help of Green Iguana to transport strawberry seeds.

So, come to find out, the green iguana eats the strawberries, then transports them in his stomach and poops them out so new strawberry plants can go. How weird is it that they actually showed the iguana pooping out the seeds! I was shocked, not because I thought it was vulgar, but because I thought it was so completely random! And Alicia actually said "poop" in the story.
And I thought Ryley's occasional poop in the backyard was because she saw our dog do it. Come to find out, it may be from watching too many Diego episodes!


You are my fave... said...

Both of those stories made me laugh out loud. I wish I would have seen the guy and the Diego episode.

Mama said...

i saw that episode a few months ago and i totally forgot to post about it. it was crazy. i had to do the same thing. i rewound the episode on our dvr and listened to it again because i couldn't believe that i had heard it correctly the first time. then to actually see the iguana "poop" out the seeds was crazy!! who the heck would have thought to show little kids about that?? i know it happens in nature, but still!! come on people!!

The Farmer's Wife said...

It's okay.....
....I received a series of books for Hayden recently which pretty much grossed me out. There is a difference between educational and gross. Anyway, the names of the books:

Everybody Poops
The Gas We Pass
All About Scabs
(I don't remember the fourth one....I've blocked it from my memory. You should have seen the illustrations!)

Leah & Mike said...

That is so funny - aren't kids shows so weird! Have you ever seen "Yo Gabba Gabba"? It is CRAZY!!

Emily said...

wow i can't for ryan to start watching tv and understanding it-i'm so excited!!!