Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Inch worm

I have an inch worm in my house. Kirye is inch-ing all over now. It is so cute. He has even started getting in to the dog food....just like Ryley did. Ew! I think I will definitely need to put the baby gate up soon so he won't fall down the stairs.

I went to the dr. with Kirye yesterday because he hasn't been feeling well. He had 3 teeth come in all at once and had a runny nose and was just not happy. So I took him in to the doctor because I suspected he might have an ear infection...and he did. So he is on antibiotics now. I am glad I actually took him in instead of just pushing it off like it was just a cold.

Ryley has been so funny lately. She is really in to changing her clothes. She likes to change her pants 2-3 times a day. It is actually quite annoying because there are clothes all over her floor and I don't know which ones are dirty and which ones are clean. It is funny because as soon as we get home from anywhere she will change out of her jeans and in to her "comfy" sweat bottoms or pj bottoms.

Does anyone watch The Biggest Loser? That is one of my favorite shows. It is so inspiring and I just love to see the transformations of the people. The finale was on last night and they all looked AMAZING!!! One of the ladies, Julie, looked so incredible. She went from 220 pounds to 121 pounds! I just couldn't believe how good she looked. And it is amazing how young most of the contestants were, but how the weight made them look so much older than they actually were.

Here is Julie's profile:


Andrea said...

Aw! Poor baby! I'm glad you went with your instincts...

So, if you leave them in the floor, will she put on a pair from the floor? And how exactly do you judge "dirty"?

XYZinn said...

Andrea, I judge "dirty" by smelling them. Gross, I know, but I don't want to be doing loads and loads of laundry every week!

Swishy said...

Ha ... I judge MY clothes by smelling them! :)