Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bad Santa Photos

Do any of you watch Ellen? It is one of my favorite shows. She is just so funny and always makes my day. So on her show she has people submit their bad Santa photos and then she shows everyone. Sometimes they are so sad, but so funny. Almost all of the kids are crying or giving Santa a weird look.
We took Ryley to see Santa last week and this was the photo Scott got:

I'm pretty sure this is the worst Santa photo ever!


cory said...

ahnika is afraid of santa. she likes him from afar, but not enough to get close or sit in his lap. we had santa at our ward party and i just told the bishop to take the picture as soon as i sat her down. he did and the picture was still so funny. she had this look on her face like "get me out of here, i'm starting to freak!!" it was cute. maybe next year we can get a better one.
not sure how scott managed that picture. i mean he could have at least gotten santa's feet!!!

Swishy said...

No he did not ... ha ha ha ha. How did Ryley like Santa?

Beth said...

LOLLOLOLOLOL!!!! God, that's funny! You should totally send that to ellen!

MArry Christmas to you and yours!

Patti said...

santa?! is that you?!

merry merry!