Friday, September 28, 2007

Need A Baby Sitter?

Save time! Call: The Babysitters Club and reach four experienced baby-sitters.
Kristy Thomas: President
Claudia Kish, Vice-President
Mary Anne Spier, Secretary
Stacey McGill, Treasurer

back to that in a minute...

i am in montana right now visiting my parents. i decided to drive over here and bring the kids with me so scott could get a break for a few days, have the house to himself, and de-stress. i'm sure he is loving a quiet, clean house, with no whiny kids to deal with. but i'm sure he also misses us...maybe. :)

so, i am at home in my old room and i found a great treasure...all of my babysitters club books. you all know what books i am talking about, even if you are older i'm sure your kids read them. those were the greatest books. i was so tempted to pick one up and start from book #1. remember how they were all numbered? here are just a few funny title's:

stacey's big crush #65
kristy and the snobs #11
claudia and mean janine #7
mary anne saves the day #4
dawn saves the planet #57

man, these tweeny bops sound like they have all sorts of super power. i am actually laughing at myself right now because i would probably really enjoy reading these books again! i remember i always wanted to be stacey because she was cute and had pretty long blond hair, and i ALWAYS wanted my name to be stacey, or cindy.

i also found the babysitters club post card book with "30 full-color postcards for you to collect or send"! it's funny how they say "full-color" like that is some crazy new phenomenon. so, if you want me to send you one just leave me your address.
oh, by the way, my parent's left shift key on the keyboard doesn't work, which is why nothing is capitalized. doh!


cory said...

don't send them out... see if they're worth any money. look it up online. they could be a collectors item!

Beth said...

Keep them!!!! Don't get rid of any books....really.

My daughter read those books too...and Sweet Valley High, and Box Car Children.....lots of good ones.

Keep 'em.

Swishy said...

Oh, my gosh, I totally read those and then started my own one-person babysitters club. I even made my own Kid Kit.

You are SO NICE to take the kids to give Scott a break! When is your break? You can come see me!

Andrea said...

I remember reading those! Life was so much simpler then... I miss those days.

Patti said...

gaaaa....don't send them. if you want to get rid of them sell them on ebay!

and i have all my childhood books. i keep them in my office and pull one out every now and again for fun.

the Farmer's Wife said...

I LOVED those books! I could have a real collector's item there!

Tim and Ashley said...

Remember me? Your long lost friend, Ashley? I love your blog! I clicked on it from Nancy's blog. I am so excited to keep in touch with you this way. I love all your pictures and your "tell it how it is" attitude. I miss you so much! I think about the time we served together out in the mission field all the time. We had a blast serving the Lord and having fun!
Love ya!