Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh No LoLo!

I just love Lolo Jones and I was so sad last night when she hit the 9th hurdle and crushed her dreams at winning a gold medal. It was so hard to watch her cross the finish line and fall to her knees, with her hands in her face. And then they showed her family watching the race and how astonished they were. That is when I get emotional in the Olympics....when they show the families and how proud they are of their children. Watching Shawn Johnson's parents just made me want to cry. Her mom and dad were so happy and so proud of their little bulldog (as Scott calls her). She is so awesome! I can't wait to see her in London in 2012!

The kids and I are off to Seattle tomorrow! Scott is staying home and I am driving over with my parents. We are going to stay in a hotel and hang out with a few of my other sisters and go visit my grandparents. I am most excited about going to the zoo and the aquarium with Ryley. I just know she will love it!


Tim and Ashley said...

I totally agree. That was the worst. Our Olympic team was so hopeful this year and then it just did not work well for them at all. I hope we make an awesome come back in 2012!