Friday, January 18, 2008

Bath Time

We got Ryley some bath crayons for Christmas. They are really fun to play with in the tub, and just in case you are wondering, they do work on skin and hair.

"Mommy, please make her stop."

My two trouble-makers!


cory said...

hey, ahnika just played with those soap crayons too and she loves them. it's scary though because i don't think she understands that writing on the walls is only okay in the bath tub and not anywhere else!! i'm going to have to watch her!

Beth said...

ya, but when they're that cute, you CAN"T yell at them! Look at those faces...!!!

The Farmer's Wife said...


You see that frog thing you have in your tub?

My friend's best friend designed it, patented it, and sold it to a toy manufacturer who marketed it. Can you believe that? I guess she's doing quite well now, since I see it EVERY TIME I walk into a Target! :-)

It only takes one good idea, eh?

You're kids are way cute in the tub! Love the tub crayons!

Swishy said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

Patti said...

gotta get me some of those crayons!

Andrea said...

At least they wash off... :) Your kids are absolutely adorable!