Friday, May 25, 2007

Fat rolls

Okay, I can't stand that picture Scott posted, it creeps me out. So I have to write something so I won't see it.

Kirye is 7 weeks old today. He gave us his first smile last week. The time goes by so fast. It just makes me sad. He is getting little fat rolls on his legs. It is so cute. I sure wish that the fat rolls on my legs were cute. Isn't it funny how when kids do things it is totally cute (like burp or let out a really big toot), but as grown ups it is totally disguisting? And how if an older person does it we just look the other way and say, "Oh, how sweet. He just doesn't care anymore."

Speaking of flatulence, I was watching Oprah the other day when Dr. Oz was on ( I love him, except for when he took off his shirt and he was all hairy, ewww) and he was saying how everyone lets go of 1/2 liter of gas every day, mostly in little "aliquots." This one lady stood up and asked if it was bad if she held in her gas all day. She had been married for 25 years and had never let it go in front of her husband! Can you believe that?


Manic Mom said...

OK, seriously, you have the most beautiful little baby, EVER, that I've ever seen! Tooo cute. ANd yes, that other picture is horrible, and he should not have done that to your daughter's picture, and yes, I have been drinking.

That's all. Continue.

Swishy said...

He is SUPER CUTE and not just because Manic has had a couple. ha ha. For real, he is sooooo cute!

Dr. Oz was freaking me out the other day. Like, the whole tapeworm thing? EWWWW!