Monday, March 10, 2008

Ayuda Me

Ryley always says these Spanish words that she gets from watching Dora, but I never know what she's saying. So the other day she is at the top of the stairs and the gate is up, so she is yelling, "ayuda me, ayuda me." Well, I finally figured out that it means "help me" in Spanish and she must've gotten it from Dora or Diego. It is amazing how fast kids pick things up.
It has been really nice out lately so we have been able to go on walks and to the park in the afternoon. It feels so good to finally be outside again. I know my kids were dying of boredom from being inside all winter...and so was I. This morning it was so nice and most of the snow has melted, so I will finally be able to run outside again! Yeah!
Speaking of running, has anyone ever heard of the book The Cardio-Free Diet? I am really interested in the concept, but a little skeptical. Here is a little info:

The Cardio-Free Diet By: Jim Karas
The Cardio-Free Diet is a revolutionary four-phase program that emphasizes strength training to boost your metabolism; build lean, sexy muscles; and achieve all the same heart-healthy benefits of cardio. With just twenty minutes a day, three days a week, you can look and feel noticeably leaner, stronger, and younger than ever before. Weight loss expert Jim Karas has shaped the bodies of Diane Sawyer, Paula Zahn, Hugh Jackman, and even Oprah's best pal, Gayle King. With easy-to-follow instructions, Jim offers maximum results in minimal time -- so break free from the mindless, ineffective cycle of cardio and get the body you've always wanted!

Basically this guy Jim Karas talks about only doing strength training and no cardio. I can't imagine that, but I've heard so much talk lately about how strength training is so important. I just can't imagine being able to cut out cardio all together! I think I would rather run 5 miles than do 20 minutes of weights. I hate it, but I try to do it 3 times/week. Does anyone else think that only doing only strength training seems a little sensational??


Swishy said...

I totally don't buy it. Then again I HATE strength training, like seriously seriously HATE it. I would totally rather do cardio than 20 minutes of weights, for SURE!

Leah & Mike said...

That story about Ryley is SO FUNNY!! She is too cute! And on the cardio book...I have heard that strength training is the most important too, but I can't imagine anything working without cardio. Just keep with your running - it sounds like you like that a lot better!

Mama said...

i think it just depends on what you need. you're skinny, so if you did the strength training, it would help you to be toned and stuff, but if you wanted to lose weight, then you would need to do cardio. cardio is the only thing that helps you lose weight. i don't think it's possible to stay fit doing weights alone. i've seen a lot of fat people that have strong muscles.

The Farmer's Wife said...

Strength training IS boosts your metabolism, supports your body, and maintains bone density.

However, cardio has it's purpose too. (Like being good for your heart, getting your circulation moving well, and getting rid of toxins). I don't believe it....I like just feels right. :-)

Patti said...

i am skeptical. i have lifted weights practically my entire life and i can say the benefits are definitely worth the time, but it is a different animal altogether from cardio. you can't lift your heart muscle into shape...that comes from cardio (unless he recommends no rest between lifting sets which will raise your heart rate).

Anonymous said...

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